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New Pathways Tech, Inc. is committed to providing innovative avenues for technical training and workforce development in the Virginia Piedmont Region.


9440 James Madison Hwy
Rapidan, VA 22733

Information and tour of the school

Frank Bossio: (540) 222.4871

Brenda Brumfield: (540) 718.5674

Sue Hansohn: (540) 423.2134

GCC Workforce

(540) 891.3012


Joe Parker  (540) 718.7150

Belgrove Josiah  (909) 488.9181

Nick Dorosheff  (703) 400.4411

Instructional hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm

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Our Key Goals

Build a collaborative environment between industry leaders, educational partners, local government and the community.

Offer adaptable programs that respond to the needs of our immediate industry partners.

Foster an inclusive environment that promotes respect for individual abilities.