Our Facilities

New Pathways Tech, Inc. is committed to providing innovative avenues for technical training and workforce development in the Virginia Piedmont Region.

Physical Facilities

George Washington Carver Regional High School opened in 1948 and quickly earned respect for the quality of the students and the education they received. In 1968, after public schools integrated, officials changed the school into Piedmont Technical Education Center. In 1992, members of the still-active alumni association lobbied to restore the original name. The old high school is now known as the George Washington Carver-Piedmont Technical Education Center.


The facilities of New Pathways Tech, Inc. contain surface grinders, computerized numerical control CNC tappers, tapping machines, 5 axis lathes, 8 axis lathes, lathes, 2/3 axis computer numerically controlled CNC milling machines, bore mills, and computer numerical controlled CNC milling machines. In addition to the CNC machines and manual machines, the center has a variety of precision measuring tools to train students in the use and care of quality assurance metrology equipment.

A New Path Forward

New Pathways Tech is positioned to train machinists in a professional field with a great demand and promise for future employment.

Sue Hansohn, New Pathways Board President